I’m Joe, a professional guitarist with 20 years experience teaching music at the university level. I also help lead music for Children’s Ministry at my home church in San Antonio, Tx.

Joe @ Ukulele ClubI love teaching guitar students of all levels, but I’m particularly passionate about taking those who struggle with their instrument and coaching them to play with ease and expression. Since retiring from academia, I continue to teach at Hearts’ Home Acoustics music shop in Boerne, Texas. My current students range from age 6 to 84. I’m also known as “the funny music guy” by the kids at church: I’m a laid back guy, but I go crazy when I’m working kids. Did I mention I love kids of all ages?

I’m married to Liz, a happy energetic lover of life. We live with Cody, Pip and Daisy, three small dogs who are happy energetic lovers of snacks and who help us take care of grandpa Gilbert

Why Javelinaboy.com? Well that all goes back to a song I wrote about my nephew Pablo as he was emerging from his “terrible twos”. I guess I actually wrote the song for his mama. I’ll have to play it for you someday.


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